Just loved finding this a while back, BunchBall – CrowdFlower Success Story (hadn’t had time to finish writing about it however, until now– but that’s another story).   These folks are doing what people talk about a lot, but often fall short of: “incentivizing” their employees and “making change happen”.  I know, I know, incentivizing isn’t even a real word, however, seriously!  This looks super cool.

In this one example, by adding “game mechanics to the crowd-sourcing application to reward accuracy and experience with higher paying opportunities” they’ve increased productivity – and though they don’t mention it, surely there is a commensurate increase in eagerness to do one’s job well.

Reminds me of the software my son used for Algebra one summer. It had one great advantage over many other sites that offered similar content: once you did a type of problem well a few times, it would stop giving you those kinds of problems, except occasionally, so you could move on to new material as soon as you were ready. If you weren’t ready, you could hang around on a certain level for a bit longer, too.

Imagine if you did a good job, and someone or something automatically acknowledged it, and pointed you at more remunerative, and presumably challenging, gigs.

I would settle for just not being bored (and I have had some mighty boring work, from time to time, like everyone).  But throw in the possibility of a few extra bucks? Excellent.